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Kanagawa cops: Suspect drugged drunk woman in abduction on train

Yoshifumi Kurita
Yoshifumi Kurita

KANAGAWA (TR) –  A man under investigation for abducting multiple women asleep on a train and bringing them to his apartment has admitted to drugging one of the victims, reports Nippon News Network (June 23 ).

Last week, Kanagawa Prefectural Police arrested Yoshifumi Kurita, 33, a temporary worker, on confinement charges for abducting a woman, 28, who was asleep on a train and bringing her to his apartment in Sagamihara City sometime between June 4 and June 5.

At some point during the incident, he also drugged her. “I forced the drunk woman to drink a sleep-inducing agent by claiming it was medicine for motion sickness,” the suspect is quoted.

The victim, a resident of Tokyo’s Adachi Ward, said she fell asleep early in the morning on June 4 while taking a JR train, and woke up early in the morning on June 5 to find herself in an apartment in Sagamihara.

Kurita was present in the apartment, but the victim was able to find an opportunity to escape.

Kurita is under investigation in four similar cases, some of which date back to last year. In each case, the female victims, who all said they had been drinking, reported waking up in a male stranger’s room after they fell asleep taking an early-morning train in Tokyo or Kanagawa Prefecture.