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Gunma: Woman’s corpse found in residence after husband dies in plunge

in Takasaki
The bodies of a man and woman were found at an apartment complex in Takasaki City on Saturday (Twitter)

GUNMA (TR) – Gunma Prefectural Police are investigating what is believed to have been a murder-suicide after a man and woman were confirmed dead after being found collapsed in Takasaki City on Saturday, reports TBS News (May 12).

At around 10:15 a.m., police received a tip about a load sound and a man collapsed outside an apartment complex located in the Showamachi area.

Officers arriving at the scene transported the man, Minoru Imai to a nearby hospital where he was confirmed dead.

Police then found the body of his wife, 77-year-old Kimie, inside the residence they share. A sheet had been stretched over her head and torso. Her face showed signs of subcutaneous bleeding. A will was also found in the residence.

In March, Imai consulted with police, saying that he had grown weary over serving as a nurse to his wife.