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Expert refutes claims by Aska’s girlfriend about alleged drug use

Aska and Kasumi Tochinai
Aska and Kasumi Tochinai

TOKYO (TR) – At the third hearing on Thursday of the girlfriend of pop singer Aska at the Tokyo District Court, a forensic expert refuted her earlier claims that irregularities resulted in her positive drug tests, reports Nikkan Gendai (Oct. 3).

Kasumi Tochinai, 37, on trial for stimulant drug use and possession, previously denied the charges by saying drugs in the bodily fluids of the singer mixed with her urine during sexual activity to result in positive tests.

“The amount of stimulant drugs discharged to the semen (during intercourse) is minuscule, very minuscule,” a forensic expert from the police crime laboratory said. “It is not the amount detected in the test. So I don’t think it mixed with her urine.”

On May 17, officers first arrested Aska, one half of the duo Chage and Aska, and Tochinai for possessing stimulant drugs at her apartment in Tokyo in April.

Police served the singer with a fresh arrest warrant on May 27 for using stimulant drugs. During a search of his home, officers found 90 MDMA pills (also known as Ecstasy).

At her second hearing, Tochinai further claimed that Aska secretly used drugs while she slept, and that is the reason investigators discovered illegal substances in her air conditioning filter. According to Nikkan Gendai, the body language of the presiding judge revealed that he was not receptive of the explanation.

Last month, the same court handed Aska a three-year prison term, suspended for four years.

Tochinai’s defense team asked her whether she was aware that admitting drug use would result in a suspended prison sentence.

The defendant indicated that she was indeed aware. “But I want the truth to be revealed,” she said.