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Chiba cops confirm dismembered body that of suspect’s brother

Ryo Takeuchi (left) and his sister Emi
Ryo Takeuchi (left) and his sister Emi

CHIBA (TR) – Chiba Prefectural Police have confirmed that the body found dismembered in a residence in the town of Shisui is the brother of a 25-year-old woman in custody, reports TBS News (Sept. 16).

The results of a DNA analysis conducted on remains found last week in the residence revealed the identity of the body to be that of Ryo Takeuchi, a 21-year-old employee at a welfare institution who had gone missing late last month.

Acting on a tip, police on September 12 found a head and a severed leg inside separate plastic bags in a corner of the living room. Investigators found a total of 10 body parts in the residence.

Police subsequently charged his sister, Emi, with the destruction and abandonment of a corpse.

The suspect, who shares the residence with her brother, said she cut up his body with a knife. “Because it became burdensome, I cut up the body of my brother,” the suspect is quoted by police.

Parts of the body and tissues soaked in blood were found in the toilet in what police believe was an attempt to destroy evidence.

On the day the body was found, an acquaintance of Ryo visited the residence after being unable to reach him since August 31. After the suspect turned the person away, police were notified.