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Chiba cops: Ambulance not called after alleged gang rape in attempted coverup

Masaya Yoshimoto (left), MinetoMasuda and Kensuke Yamada
Masaya Yoshimoto (left), MinetoMasuda and Kensuke Yamada

CHIBA (TR) – Investigative sources with the Chiba Prefectural Police have revealed that an ambulance was not called by one of the suspects in an alleged gang rape over fears word of the incident would reach the graduate school of medicine where he is affiliated, reports TV Asahi (Dec. 8).

On the evening of September 20, three male students and an intern at Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine, allegedly participated in the gang rape of a woman, aged in her 20s, inside a toilet of a restaurant in Chuo Ward in Chiba City.

The woman was highly intoxicated at the time of the incident. After the alleged crime, Mineto Masuda, 23, one of the suspects, took the victim back to his residence and raped her again.

During the course of the investigation, Masuda revealed to police that he did not call an ambulance after the woman began vomiting. “[Because the incident] would be leaked to the school,” the suspect is quoted.

Police have accused Masuda, Kensuke Yamada, 22, and Masaya Yoshimoto, 23, all of whom are fifth-year students, of rape resulting in injury. Yuji Fujisaka, a 30-year-old medical intern, faces charges of quasi-indecent assault.