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Yokohama citizens group ousts transsexual sex parlor from building

Mitsuki of Hanatsuki
Mitsuki of Hanatsuki

KANAGAWA (TR) – A Yokohama court on Friday announced that a transsexual sex parlor, whose business practice exploits a legal loophole, will depart from a residential building in Yokohama following a request submitted by a citizens group, reports the Tokyo Shimbun (April 23).

In February, the group filed a complaint with the Yokohama District Court saying that parlor Hanatsuki, located near JR Yokohama Station, violated the usage rules of the building.

Dubbed a “new half health” business, the parlor, which opened in March of 2012, features transgender attendants dressed in female clothing who offer a variety of sexual services to male customers.

The complaint said that large numbers of male employees and customers entered and exited the premises using the elevator. “The number of people entering the apartment created anxiety,” a 56-year-old female of the group said.

A lawyer for the group said that it is “highly probable” that the parlor funds organized crime.

Prior to submitting the complaint, the group consulted with officers at the Tobe Police Station. However, due to the same-sex nature of the business, police were unable to take action under the adult-entertainment law.

The citizens group also sought for the law to be modified, because even if the parlor moved to a new location the same problem would likely arise.

On April 23, Hanatsuki, whose rates begin at 10,000 yen for the first 40 minutes, announced on its Web site that it would be changing locations in May.

Yoshikazu Nagai, a professor of sociology at Kansai University, tells the Tokyo Shimbun that it might not make sense to pursue a change to the law. “When it comes to gender issues, there has been a lot of concern about discrimination regarding diverse values,” the professor said. “Since handling legislation is time-consuming, it is questionable whether dealing with the legal aspects would be reasonable.”