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Saitama cops crack down on prostitution in Nishi Kawaguchi

Saitama cops crack down on prostitution in Nishi Kawaguchi
A crackdown on prostitution is ongoing in Nishi Kawaguchi
TOKYO (TR) – Saitama prefectural police in recent weeks have arrested five employees at deri heru (“delivery health”) clubs for violations related to the Anti-Prostitution Law in an ongoing crackdown in the Nishi Kawaguchi area of Kawaguchi City, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Nov. 29).

On November 28, officers announced the apprehension of 52-year-old Kazumasa Taeda, an employee at club Popcorn, Hiroyuki Onodera, 48, an employee at D.H.C, and 35-year-old Yutaka Shimabukuro and 45-year-old Yoshiyuki Nomoto, who are both employees at Sea Flower.

The suspects are alleged to have dispatched female staff members to Nishi Kawaguchi hotels to meet with male customers between September 11 and October 16 of this year.

According to the Sankei Shimbun (Dec. 5), Akio Matsutani, the shop manager at Sea Flower, was taken into custody on December 5 on the same charges. On October 10, he is alleged to have sent a female employee to meet a 47-year-old company worker at a Nishi Kawaguchi hotel.

All of the suspects have reportedly denied the allegations.

The three clubs reportedly generate between three million and 4.5 million yen each month.

Basic services at Sea Flower start at 12,000 yen for the first 45 minutes. The women are typically former hostesses or housewives. For club D.H.C, a cut-rate 9,000-yen fee is available for 35 minutes of services.