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Nikon exec drugs gal in Tokyo hotel, snatches underwear

Nikon exec gives gal sleeping pill in Yokohama hotel, snatches underwear
The suspect allegedly mixed sleeping powder into a tea beverage consumed by a woman in her 20s
TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police on April 18 arrested an office worker at camera maker Nikon for giving a sleeping pill to a girl he met on a matchmaking site and stripping off her underwear, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Apr. 18).

On the evening of January 23, Kazuki Sakaguchi, 48, was taken into custody for allegedly mixing sleeping powder into a tea beverage consumed by a woman in her 20s whom he met on a deai-kei encounter Web site. Once she was asleep, Sakaguchi snatched her undergarments and mobile phone.

Sakaguchi denies a portion of the charges. “I drugged her and took her underwear, but I did not undress her,” he is quoted as saying.

According to police, the suspect dropped the knock-out drug into a bottle of tea. The woman soon became dizzy, and upon waking at around 6:00 a.m. the next morning found herself on the hotel bed fully naked. Investigators are aware of similar incidents and are looking into whether this case is related.

Journalist Yukio Murakami, Nikkan Gendai’s (Apr. 21) resident expert on sleazy subjects, explains that stripping off a woman’s lingerie is actually a small matter. “There are cases in which men sell videos showing them having sex with women who are unconscious,” says the sex scribe. “A woman’s phone number can be obtained via her driver’s license. With that, she will be extorted for cash or forced to have sex again in exchange for the non-sale of such tapes.”