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Chiba civic employee resigns after side work as prostitute surfaces

A female employee for the government of Chiba Prefectura resigned following revelations that she worked at a soapland bathhouse in Tokyo on the side

CHIBA (TR) – A female employee for the government of Chiba Prefecture has resigned following revelations that she was employed part-time at a sex parlor, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Dec. 28).

Between late September and early December, the woman, 37, employed in a branch office for the health and welfare policy division, was employed at a soapland bathhouse in Tokyo for a total of 40 days. Over that time, she earned two million yen in income.

On Tuesday, the prefectural government announced that the woman had been suspended for six months over violations related to the local government employee law. However, she chose to tender her resignation.

The matter came to light via an anonymous tip that was received on November 1. Earlier this year, the woman went on medical leave from the branch office. During that time, she was paid 80 percent of her regular salary, according to Chiba Nippo (Dec. 28).

Initially, the woman, who joined the government office in 2014, received a warning about her moonlighting, but she continued working at the parlor, citing financial reasons.

“After the leave of absence, I need a lot of money due to family matters, and I had no choice but to work for a secret shop,” the woman is quoted by the prefectural government.