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VD fears, sexual discrimination cause Japan’s AV actors to unionize

The Japan Porn Actors Association
The Japan Porn Actors Association
On April 1, veteran actors from within the adult video (AV) industry established the Japan Porn Actors Association (JPAA) in an effort to improve working conditions.

Appearing on the group’s board of directors is actor Taku Yoshimura, who tells Nikkan Gendai (Apr. 17) that one concern is the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

“The first step is to to ensure that actors receive a test for STDs once every four weeks,” says Yoshimura.

Discounts for testing will be available. Members going to a clinic in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward will be eligible to receive an examination for 8,500 yen, as opposed to the standard 10,000-yen fee.

“In May, we are inviting a specialist to host a workshop on the prevention of STDs,” says Yoshimura.

The site has approximately 50 actors currently enrolled. A membership fee of 20,000 yen is required. A profile for each actor lists a number of characteristics, including height, weight, penis length, the probability of achieving a full erection and hobbies.

AV writer Kazuo Kajiyama says that another challenge faced by the industry’s stick men is sexual discrimination.

“If an actor passes VD onto an actress through a kiss or vaginal ejaculation it is not rare for him to be banned by a manufacturer,” says Kajiyama. “The talent agency of the actress will then apply a ‘sick actor’ label upon him.”

The writer says that this kind of condemnation occurs without proof that he (and not her) was the source of the problem. “Sexual discrimination is persistent,” he says.

Salaries for actors are low. Notables can fetch fees of 18,000 yen per film while “soup” men, a category of secondary performers who are tasked with ejaculating on the face of the lead actress, make less than half of that figure.

Adding insult to injurious wages is the general abuse actors receive. Talent agencies for actresses hire thugs to intimidate and rough up actors to prevent any amorous activities from taking place off the set.

“Another aim of the association is to prevent such violence,” says an AV director.

A seemingly dream job can in fact be quite hard, clucks Nikkan Gendai. (A.T.)

Source: “‘AV Danyu Kyokai’ setsuritsu no ura ni seibyo, boryoku, dekin…danyu zankoku monogatari,” Nikkan Gendai (Apr. 17)