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Nozomi Aso, under prosecution for illegal drug use, is pregnant

TOKYO (TR) – During the trial of the boyfriend of popular adult video (AV) actress Nozomi Aso over illegal drug-rated charges, it has been learned that she is pregnant, reports evening tabloid Tokyo Sports (July 4).

On February 20, the Kanto Narcotics Control Department entered the Meguro Ward residence of Aso and found 56.762 grams of kakuseizai, or stimulant drugs, valued at 3.6 million yen. Officers also found 5.215 grams of marijuana, 18.787 grams of cocaine and 1.216 grams of MDMA, which is also known as Ecstasy.

Nozomi Aso, who has been accused of illegal drugs, is pregnant
Nozomi Aso, who has been accused of using illegal drugs, is pregnant

Officers later arrested Aso and her boyfriend, 27-year-old Aihei Takahata, on suspicion of violating the Stimulants Control Law over possession and use.

Aso, 33, whose real name is Aya Shimazaki, admitted to the allegations upon her arrest. At the opening of Takahata’s trial in May, he pleaded guilty. Aso’s trial was expected to begin that same month. However, it has yet to start.

In the latest development, Takahata’s father, 62, took the stand as a witness during his son’s trial at the Yokohama District Court on July 2. During his testimony, he revealed that Aso is expecting to deliver a baby in September, and his son will be the father.

“Aya Shimazaki,” the defendant’s father told the court. “[My son] said, ‘The baby is inside her, and she is due on September 17. In addition to considering a name, we want to live together as a married couple.’ He also said, ‘I will stop using stimulant drugs from now.'”

Drug trafficking

According to the paper, Aso got to know Takahata in October, 2016. After breaking up, they got back together in July of last year. They began living together in October. Prosecutors believe that the pair were involved in drug trafficking, with Takahata presiding over the operation.

Aso, a native of Yokohama, made her debut in the AV industry for label SOD Create in June of 2012. That title subsequently zoomed up to the top of sales chart the following month at distribution site Aso currently has more than 160 titles listed on the site.

The arrest is Aso’s second. In 2016, she was also found to be in possession of cocaine. Later that year, she was handed a suspended prison sentence. Several months later, she became acquainted with Takahata.