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Chinese takeout: AV actress Rola Takizawa employed at Tokyo sex club

Shukan Post Nov. 9
Shukan Post Nov. 9

Since the start earlier this year of the territorial row over the uninhabited Senkaku Islands, which are administered by Japan but claimed by China, boycotts of Japanese products have taken place in various forms throughout the communist nation.

An item that has been untouched (well, except for one case in Zhejiang Province), reports Shukan Post (Nov. 9), has been the Japanese adult video (AV) actress — and one gal in particular just might have Chinese fans booking flights for Tokyo.

For some time, former AV actress Sola Aoi has established herself as a popular celebrity in China. The 28-year-old’s account on Sina Weibo (similar to Twitter) has attracted over 13 million followers.

Yet earlier this year Rola Takizawa emerged as a challenger to Aoi as the nation’s princess of porn in China.

Standing at 172 centimeters, the 21-year-old Takizawa is a real half-Japanese, half-Russian beauty. Her debut, released on the Prestige label, was uploaded to the Internet on July 12 and it reached an astounding 180,000 viewings.

Shukan Post (Sep. 7) reported that Aoi and Takizawa are engaged in a “goddess battle” for Japan’s ambassador for AV. Certain to swing votes in favor of Takizawa was the revelation in October that Club Tora no Ana (on Twitter @clubtoranoana), an out-call sex service that claims offer “high quality and erotic” services, will be offering the actress to its customers in Tokyo.

Takizawa is described on the Club Tora no Ana site as a “white fairy” who shook up the AV world in 2012. The club’s Twitter account announced the debut of the D-cup-sized actress on October 31.

Takizawa is listed under the premiere Diamond Class designation, which requires a phone call for pricing. Though Shukan Post reports that 120,000 yen will be required for 90 minutes of Takizawa’s services. By comparison, ladies ranked in the lower levels demand between 33,000 and 45,000 yen for the same period.

“Chinese fans seeing this are going to cause a huge fuss,” says a person with knowledge of the industry.

Shukan Post says that the announcement lit up China’s Internet bulletin boards with such statements as “Let’s go to Tokyo!” and “I want to capture Takizawa alive and bring her back to China.”

The club specializes in AV talent, and this is not the first time that a top actress has registered her services. In 2009, starlet Maria Ozawa made her deri heru debut.

For Takizawa, she is certainly positioning herself to redefine Chinese takeout.

Source: “Ninki AVjo no kokyu deri heru tenshin ni naze ka hannichi chugokujin ga moriagatteiru,” Shukan Post (Nov. 9, page 154)