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Chinese protesters demand a boycott of Sola Aoi amid Senkaku row

Shukan Post Sep. 14
Shukan Post Sep. 14

A reporter for weekly tabloid Shukan Post (Sep. 14) traveled to Zhejiang Province in late August to find demonstrators demanding that former adult video (AV) star Sola Aoi be included among the Japanese products to be banned in light of the escalating dispute over a set of uninhabited islets in the North China Sea.

The reporter had seen on the Internet that an anti-Japanese demonstration was set to commence in the streets of Zhuji City, about a three-hour train ride from Shanghai. Upon arrival at 9:00 a.m., the reporter sensed high tension, noting the large number of police officers taking positions on street corners as roughly 100 males in their teens and 20s began arriving.

The focus of the rally was the territorial row over the Senkaku Islands, which are administered by Japan but claimed by China and Taiwan. Three days before, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda said that the islands “are an integral part of Japan.”

On the day of the demonstration, the Japanese government announced that it was making a 2.05 billion yen bid for the islands to bring them under state control.

With little action at the outset, Shukan Post’s reporter sensed he might have made mistake in traveling all the way from Shanghai. But in a flash a Chinese flag appeared, and a march began. Protest signs with anti-Japan messages emerged: “Protect the islands!” and “Move the Japanese people out of the islands!” In a chorus, the demonstrators shouted, “Defeat little Japan!”

After 30 minutes, the mob arrived at plaza where they burned a hinomaru (Japanese flag) — an act the reporter describes as rather muted considering the very small size of the symbolic banner.

At 10:00 a.m. the march reconvened, this time with more placards, one of which read, “Boycott Japanese goods, including AV actress Sola Aoi!”

Aoi, who made her name in such classic AV pics as “Big Tits Zombie” and “Revenge: A Love Story,” is a popular figure in entertainment in China. The 28-year-old’s account on Sina Weibo (similar to Twitter) has attracted over 13 million followers.

The anti-Sola sentiment is contrary to a slogan that spread through China starting in April, when Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara announced his plan to purchase the controversial outcroppings: “The Senkaku Islands belong to us; Sola Aoi belongs to the world!”

The protest march continued to the local government building. “Get the mayor out here!” they demanded. “Clearly show us the government’s attitude!” A burst of laughter then erupted when a female marcher mispronounced the latter phrase such that it stated: “The government is perverted!”

At noon, the demonstration dissolved, with the members heading out for lunch, which left Shukan Post’s reporter scratching his head as to whether Japan was actually the one getting burned.

Source: “‘Aoi Sola boicotto seyo!’ to sakebu Chugoku ‘Hannichi demo’ no jittai,” Shukan Post (Sep. 14)