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Ai Uehara to make final (nude) appearance at Asakusa theater

Ai Uehara appears on the cover of a DVD released in 2014
Ai Uehara appears on the cover of a DVD released in 2014

TOKYO (TR)  – Last November, adult video (AV) actress Ai Uehara stunned the audience at the AV Open awards show by announcing that she would retire from the industry the following spring.

The four-year veteran is sticking to that plan. She said last week that fans will get a final revealing peek at her during a three-week engagement at the Asakusa Rokku-za strip theater.

On April 5, the actress wrote on her blog that the shows will be her final stage appearances. “I’d like to show everything to everyone in a last look,” she wrote. Uehara will appear daily at the theater from May 1 to 20.

The 23-year-old made her debut in 2011 with label Lahaina Tokai. In March of 2014, Uehara took the Best Picture prize at the Sky PerfecTV! AV Awards for her role in a 120-minute lesbian feature. She is a current member of the Ebisu Muscats, a pop group composed of gravure (pin-up) models and AV idols.

When she announced her retirement, Uehara said that she had been contemplating her decision since 2014, beginning, perhaps ironically, after she took top prize at the DMM Adult Awards 2014.

Label Honnaka will release Uehara’s final AV film on April 25. The disc, described by site as “the greatest retirement work in history,” features a competition among amateur actors to star in Uehara’s last erotic scene.

Uehara, who has been to the Rokku-za twice as a customer, added that she would feel more comfortable if a lot woman attended the shows. “I want to leave behind a legacy,” she said. “Please, everyone, lend me some of your strength until the very end.”