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Chiba: Yakuza nabbed in ’17 shooting in Matsudo

Takashi Izawa
Takashi Izawa of the Inagawa-kai (Twitter)

CHIBA (TR) – Chiba Prefectural Police have re-arrested five persons, including an organized crime member, over a shooting in Matsudo City last year that left one man seriously injured, reports Fuji News Network (Mar. 2).

On May 10, a gunman on a motorcycle approached a van at an intersection on National Route 6 and opened fire. Bullets struck a man in his 40s seated in a back seat in the head and shoulder.

The gunman, who was wearing a helmet covering his face, then fled the scene. At least four other persons were inside the van. There were no reports of other injuries.

As a part of the investigation, the Matsudo Police Station has accused Takashi Izawa, a 47-year-old upper-level member of the Inagawa-kai, and four other persons of attempted murder. Police did not divulge if the suspects admit to the allegations.

Last month, police first arrested Izawa and the four other persons for several crimes, including possession of one pistol and six bullets and supplying a fake license plate for the motorcycle. The four other suspects also allegedly assisted Izawa in hiding from law enforcement.

Police are now investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting, which is believed to have been motivated by a dispute between gang members.