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Yakuza gang ordered to pay ¥83 million over stabbing of dentist

FUKUOKA (TR) – A court here last week in an appeal ordered a yakuza gang to pay a settlement of more than 80 million yen to a dentist who was stabbed in Kitakyushu City six years ago, sources have revealed, reports the Asahi Shimbun (Feb. 10).

On February 10, the Fukuoka High Court ordered Satoru Nomura, the 73-year-old head of the Kudo-kai, and two other upper-level members of the gang to pay compensation to the dentist.

On May 26, 2014, two assailants stabbed a male dentist, then 29, in a parking lot in Kitakyushu City as he commuted to work.

The victim received serious wounds to at least two locations on his legs but managed to maintain consciousness while being transported to a nearby hospital.

Two assailants stabbed a male dentist in Kitakyushu City on May 26, 2014 (Twitter)

In April of last year, the Fukuoka District Court ordered the same three Kudo-kai members and a fourth to pay 48 million yen in compensation. However, the fourth member was excluded from the subsequent appeal.

During the session on February 10, which was not open to the public, lawyers for the plaintiff and defendants came to an agreement. The amount was not officially disclosed. However, informed sources revealed the figure.

The amount is expected to be paid through the sale of the gang’s former headquarters in Kitakyushu.

In a similar case, the Fukuoka district and high courts have ordered Nomura and other members of the gang to pay 16 million yen to a former police detective, who was shot in 2012. The case is now being appealed in the Supreme Court.