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Woman, 24, seen with male acquaintance prior to discovery of her corpse

NIIGATA (TR) – Niigata Prefectural Police have revealed that a missing 24-year-old woman whose corpse was discovered in a forest in Tokamachi City last weekend was seen in security camera footage around the time she disappeared, reports Nippon News Network (Aug. 16).

A male off-road motorcyclist found a body, later identified as belonging to Aimi Tani, on a mountain trail on the afternoon of August 11. In addition to receiving several stab wounds, including that from a knife found plunged in the back, she had also been bound with a rope, police said.

The results of an autopsy indicated that she had also suffered several bone fractures. She is believed to have died earlier this month, police said.

Aimi Tani
Aimi Tani (Twitter)

Tani was last seen leaving her residence in Chuo Ward, Niigata City on the morning of August 1. That same day, a person believed to be her was observed in security camera footage with a male acquaintance in Niigata City.

On August 4, her father lodged a missing persons report with police. The following day, her mobile phone was traced to Tokamachi.

“It was great to get to know you”

At some point earlier this month, the acquaintance attempted suicide. A note later found in his vehicle that is believed to have been addressed to Tani. “It was great to get to know you,” it read, police said.

The man was discharged from the hospital after receiving treatment. His whereabouts have been unknown since August 6.

On August 9, a vehicle belonging to Tani was found at a shopping center in Niigata City, which is located about 100 kilometers from Tokamachi. The interior of the vehicle showed no signs of having been ransacked.

In addition to murder, police are treating the case as abandoning a corpse.