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Video shows ¥80 million robbery at Tokyo Midtown

TOKYO (TR) – TBS News (Jan. 7) has obtained a video showing three men carrying out the robbery of 80 million yen from two employees of a precious metals dealer in broad daylight in Minato Ward last week.

At around 2:00 p.m. on January 5, two of the perpetrators came up behind the employees on a road just north of the Tokyo Midtown shopping and office complex and beat them both over the head. They then snatched a bag containing the cash that the victims were carrying.

At this point, one of the victims started filming with his smartphone. In the clip, they pursue the perpetrators down a road. After the victims turn a corner, a silver sedan — presumably driven by the third perpetrator — is shown parked ahead.

As the camera gets closer, one of the perpetrators can seen attempting to enter the vehicle by grabbing the open right rear door as it speeds off.

“I think they took off quickly after they saw that I was filming,” the victim who shot the clip said.

Prior to the incident, the victims were headed to make a purchase at a precious metals shop. They suffered minor injuries, including to the face, according to the network.

Officers arriving at the scene retrieved a white breathing mask and baseball cap off the road.

One of the three perpetrators is believed to be in his 30s. Standing around 170 centimeters tall, he was wearing beige work clothes at the time of the incident. Another perpetrator was attired in a black jacket.