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Ueno ‘pink salon,’ with nude hostesses, reeled in punters despite pandemic

Shingo Miyamoto (Twitter)
TOKYO (TR) – Another one bites the dust.

In an ongoing crackdown on businesses operating in spite of requests from the government to limit operating hours, Tokyo Metropolitan Police have busted a so-called “pink salon” for indecent exposure.

According to police, management at Magic Banana, located in the Ueno area, employed female hostesses to provide sex-related services while fully nude.

Each day, Magic Banana served about 80 customers. The brightly lit establishment provided each customer with a box-type seat with a partition low enough that he could see what was transpiring next door.

Magic Banana served about 80 customers daily (Twitter)

“I thought that I could boost sales if I provided extreme services,” said manager Shingo Miyamoto, 40, in admitting to the allegations.

He was right.

Since 2015, the parlor has accumulated a whopping 1.46 billion yen in sales, some of which was collected during state of emergency periods in effect due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The government has requested that bars and restaurants limit their operating hours to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Earlier this month, police arrested the female manager of a pair of hostess clubs in Kabukicho who defied requests by the government to limit hours of operation.

Magic Banana is the first pink salon in the capital to be busted for indecent exposure, police said.