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Sri Lankan suspected in fraudulent purchase of 40,000 liters of fuel

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a male national of Sri Lanka who is suspected in the fraudulent purchase of nearly 40,000 liters of fuel in Ibaraki Prefecture last year, reports TBS News (Feb. 14).

Thus far, police have accused the Kushan Lewan Prishan Fernando Kurukulasuriya, 20, and two others of using a credit card in the name of another person to pay 400,000 yen for 3,500 liters of diesel at a gasoline station in the town of Goka last October.

Kurukulasuriya and one other suspect admit to the allegations. The third suspect denies the allegations, the Asakusa Police Station said.

A Sri Lankan national is suspected of using another person’s credit card to make purchases of diesel in Ibaraki Prefecture (Twitter)

According to police, the suspects are believed to have used the same means to purchase 37,500 liters of fuel, valued at 4.2 million yen, at 10 gasoline stations in the prefecture that same month.

An employee at one station said, “It was strange because some foreign-looking men filled up five or six drums early one early morning.”