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Saitama police: Boy accused of murdering classmate washed knife afterward

SAITAMA (TR) – A second-year middle school boy accused in the alleged fatal stabbing of his male classmate in Tokorozawa City attempted to cover up the crime afterward, police have revealed, reports NHK (July 9).

On July 5, the youth, 14, allegedly used a knife to repeatedly stab Kotaro Hongo, 13, in the upper body, including to the abdomen, at the residence of the suspect.

The victim was later confirmed dead as a result of loss of blood, police said.

In the latest development, police on Monday revealed that the knife that was believed to have been used in the crime had been washed clean, an attempt by the suspect to destroy evidence.

Prior to the incident, the suspect and the victim were among three boys studying for a test at the residence. Police later found bloodstains at the entrance and inside on the first floor.

The suspect said that he brought the knife came from the kitchen, investigative sources said previously.

Kotaro Hongo
Kotaro Hongo (Twitter)

“Fight over a textbook”

“We got into a fight over a textbook,” the youth was quoted by police in admitting to the allegations. “In the past, we had a problem when the textbook went missing. When I asked [him] about it, [he] denied [hiding it].”

The youth was sent to prosecutors on suspicion of murder on Sunday.

An examination of the body of Hongo showed wounds to the arms, indicating that he attempted to fight off the attack. There were also gashes to his head and face. The wounds to the chest were very deep, police said previously.

Police are now investigating the circumstances that led to the incident.