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Osaka: Man, 33, nabbed over 8-minute safe theft

OSAKA (TR) – Osaka Prefectural Police have arrested a 33-year-old man over the alleged theft of a safe from the office of a restaurant in Osaka City last year.

According to police, Shingo Okawa, of no known occupation, and two other men stole a safe containing about 5 million yen in cash and four fishing reels valued at around 5.2 million yen from the office.

Police did not reveal whether Okawa admits to the allegations. They also did not disclose what role he played in the crime.

Based on security camera footage, the incident, which took place on August 16, transpired in only eight minutes.

In a clip provided by police, two of the perpetrators, attired in work clothes, are shown exiting a vehicle parked in Naniwa Ward. They then cross the street and approach the office.

One of them uses a hammer to smash a window in the front door to gain access to the inside. There, they locate the safe and flip it end-over-end toward the door.

Once outside, they load it into the rear of the vehicle, driven by the third perpetrator. As the vehicle speeds off, the safe shifts inside the back, smashing the rear window.

Police are now seeking the whereabouts of the other two perpetrators.