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Mie man hid corpses of parents under newspapers for 10 years, collected pensions

MIE (TR) – A man in custody for allegedly concealing the corpses of his parents at their residence in Yokkaichi
City has been further accused of unjustly collecting their pensions, police have revealed, reports TV Tokai (May 1).

Between June 15, 2018 and this past February 15, Naoki Sera, 63, is alleged to have pretended that both of his parents were alive while collecting 29 of their pension payments worth a total of 14.4 million yen.

In February, the skeletal remains were found inside the residence in the Hongocho area. The bodies of both parents had been concealed with newspaper and futons, police said.

Mie police have accused a 63-year-old man of unjustly collecting the pensions of his dead parents (Twitter)

On March 2, police accused Sera of abandoning a corpse. Police said that he had failed to submit notices of death to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Sera admits to both allegations, police said.