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Mie: Corpse of man found in lake showed signs of extreme beating

MIE (TR) – Mie Prefectural Police have revealed that a man whose corpse was found at a lake in Suzuka City earlier this month suffered an extreme beating, reports the Asahi Shimbun (Oct. 4).

On October 1, the body of the man — later identified as 41-year-old Yoshikazu Muta — was found floating face-down several meters from shore at Ishigaki Pond. At the time of the discovery, the Suzuka Police Station said that Muta’s face and head had multiple gashes, each measuring several centimeters long.

In the latest development, police have revealed that Muta appeared to been struck by a blunt weapon. Both of his arms also showed signs of him fending off an attacker. Police planned to use the results of an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

in Suzuka City
The body of Yoshikazu Muta was found in a lake in Suzuka City on October 1 (Twitter)

A native of Osaka City, Muta has lived in Mie and Aichi prefectures for work. A car believed to have been regularly used by Muta was found on a road in Nagoya. No personal items, such as a wallet or mobile phone, were found inside, police said.

Police are treating the case as the result of foul play.