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Man who stabbed girl in Nagoya park at her request later broke into her residence

AICHI (TR) – A 31-year-old man who stabbed a girl in Nagoya last year after at her request broke into her residence after carrying out the act, police have revealed, reports Fuji News Network (March 5).

On the night of November 21, Yuya Akiyama, of no known occupation, allegedly used a knife to stab the girl, then 19, in the abdomen in Meijo Park in Kita Ward.

The girl suffered injuries that required one week to heal, police said previously.

Police also said that the girl instructed Akiyama to carry out the crime after they became acquainted via Twitter. “Will you kill me?” she reportedly wrote.

In the latest development, police said that Akiyama took the house key from the girl at some during the incident.

After carrying out the stabbing, he trespassed into her residence and stole more than 100,000 yen in cash.

Yuya Akiyama (Twitter)

Halt the operation

Upon his arrest on suspicion of attempting to carry out a contract murder last month, Akiyama denied the allegations. “I carried out the act, but I did not intend to kill,” the suspect said.

Prior to the incident, Akiyama traveled from the Kanto region by train to Shizuoka Prefecture to meet her.

Akiyama and the girl then traveled together inside her car to purchase the knife at a store. Afterward, they headed to the park.

During the stabbing, the girl decided to halt the operation. She then sought help from a male passerby who contacted police while the suspect fled.

Akiyama surfaced as a person of interest for police after they examined the girl’s Twitter account.

Police are now investigating whether Akiyama’s motive for the crime was monetary in nature.