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Man shown ramming car with bike found with 7 grams of marijuana

TOKYO (TR) – During an investigation into a man on suspicion of property damage, police discovered marijuana at his residence, reports TBS News (June 27).

At around 3:00 p.m. on June 15, Takuya Hoshiyama, of no known occupation, rammed his bicycle into a vehicle in the Ogikubo area of Suginami Ward.

In security and dashboard camera footage, Hoshiyama, wearing glasses and breathing mask beneath his chin, is seen pedaling back and forth in front of the vehicle. He then strikes it in the back on the right side with his bicycle, causing a dent.

Police arrested Hoshiyama on suspicion of causing property damage on June 23. The suspect denied the allegations. He was released three days later.

However, during that investigation police found 7 grams of marijuana inside a glass jar in the kitchen of his residence. Police also found a glass pipe for smoking marijuana.

Upon his arrest on suspicion of possession of marijuana, Hoshiyama admitted to the allegations, police said.