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Kyoto: Corpse abandonment suspect was ‘in relationship’ with woman

KYOTO (TR) – One of the two men in custody over the alleged abandonment of the corpse of a woman in Muko City was romantically involved with the victim, Kyoto Prefectural Police have revealed, reports NHK (June 13).

On June 11, officers working off a tip found the body, which was bound in white tape, outside a second-floor unit of an apartment building in the Kamiuenocho area.

Officers later accused Takahiko Hashimoto, a 55-year-old resident of a unit on the first floor, and Wataru Yoneda, a 29-year-old case worker in the welfare division of the city, of abandoning a corpse.

Both suspects admit to the allegations, police said previously. They were sent to prosecutors on June 13.

The results of an autopsy revealed that the body of woman, especially her head, had been severely beaten, police said.

The corpse of a woman was found outside a residence in Muto City on June 11
The corpse of a woman was found outside a residence in Muto City on June 11 (NHK)

“Foul smell”

Officers visited the residence after a neighbor complained about “a foul smell” emanating from inside.

Police believe the body belongs to an Osaka City woman, aged in her 40s, who was the girlfriend of Hashimoto. “After I struck the woman with whom I am in a relationship, she died,” Hashimoto was quoted by police.

Additionally, Hashimoto collects welfare from the city. Police have found at least one eyewitness that says that Hashimoto regularly borrows the vehicle belonging to Yoneda.

Police are now seeking to confirm that the body does indeed belong to the woman.