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Korean ‘boy’s bar’ employee suspected of stealing customers’ credit cards

Yoo Taebeom (Twitter)
TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a male employee at a so-called “boy’s bar” in Taito Ward who is suspected of stealing the credit cards of customers, reports Fuji News Network (Jan. 31).

Last November, Yoo Taebeom, 26, allegedly stole a credit card from a customer at the club, located in the Ueno area. He then purchased a battery-assisted bicycle for 350,000 yen.

“Since I have debts, my life is hard,” the suspect was quoted by police in admitting to the allegations. “So I came up with this method to find a way to get money quickly.”

Yoo, who was sent to prosecutors on January 31, is believed to have used similar means to misappropriate about 30 cards for about 30 million yen since last October.

In carrying out the scams, another employee photographed the cards with his smarpthone during payment procedures and sent the image to Yoo via the app Line. Yoo then various made purchases, which included a dress and alcohol.

Police seized a bottle of Dom Perignon from the residence of the suspect (Twitter)

Active on social media

Yoo, whose working name is Saran Amatsuka, works at what is known as a boy’s bar, which is a type of fuzoku (or commercial sex) establishment.

Yoo is active on social media, where he portrays himself as a bar host. In one posted image, he shows a congratulatory sign indicating that he was the top-earner at the club in December, for which he accumulated more than 20 million yen in sales.

During the investigation, police seized a bottle of Dom Perignon, vintage 2008, from his residence.

Another seized bottle of alcohol had his photograph affixed to the side. The bottle commemorated his breaking of the 10-million-yen mark for sales for two consecutive months.