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Famed Kyoto potter fatally shot by girlfriend with crossbow in love hotel

KYOTO (TR) – A famous potter was fatally shot by his girlfriend with a crossbow inside a love hotel in Kyoto City last week, police have revealed, reports Abema Times (July 11).

Sometime between the morning and afternoon of last Friday, Chiharu Sato, 31, allegedly used the crossbow to fire several bolts into the head of Takeshi Furukawa, 37, inside a room of the Hotel Alpha in Fushimi Ward.

Furukawa was transported to a hospital where he was confirmed dead, the Mukomachi Police Station said.

Upon her arrest on suspicion of murder on Saturday, Sato admitted to the allegations.

Takeshi Furukawa

Furukawa, who lived in Higashiyama Ward, received multiple awards for his ceramic work, which primarily includes cups and bowls.

Sato is believed to be the girlfriend of Furukawa. During the incident, she also used a knife to stab him in the back. Afterward, she reported the matter to the front desk.

On Sunday, police said that the cause of death was shock due to loss of blood from the bolts to the head.

Police are investigating the circumstances that led to the incident.