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Despite dozens of tips, Korean theft suspect still on loose

TOKYO (TR) – Despite receiving dozens of tips, Tokyo Metropolitan Police are still seeking the whereabouts of a male Korean theft suspect who fled a police hospital in Nakano Ward last week, reports Fuji News Network (Aug. 19).

At about 6:45 a.m. on August 18, Kim Wong-gi, 64, went missing after visiting a toilet on the fifth floor of the Tokyo Police Hospital.

Prior to his escape, an officer escorted Kim as he wheeled himself in a wheelchair to the toilet. The suspect then asked the officer to retrieve a notebook from a lounge while he was inside the toilet. During that time, Kim fled.

An examination of security camera footage showed the suspect fleeing from the hospital. Other footage showed him getting on a bus at a stop near the hospital and exiting at JR Nakano Station.

In the latest development, police have revealed that the suspect took another bus from Nakano to Nerima Ward. He then boarded a vehicle belonging to an acquaintance and went to another prefecture.

Police arrested Kim Wong-gi on August 13 (Twitter)

On August 13, Kim was arrested for allegedly stealing about 100,000 yen in cash from a sushi shop. Prior to his apprehension, he tried to evade capture and fell down a staircase.

In the fall, the suspect suffered a broken collarbone and broken ribs. He was transferred to the hospital for medical treatment that same day.

The suspect was clothed in a white t-shirt and blue pants at the time of his escape, police said previously.

The day after his escape, police released a portrait photograph showing Kim. In the image, he is shown with short hair and gray stubble on his chin.

Since the release, police have received 83 tips. However, Kim remains at large.

Persons with information on the case are advised to call the Nakano Police Station at 03-5342-0110.