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Chiba police: Head found on beach might belong to headless corpse

CHIBA (TR) – Chiba Prefectural Police are investigating whether a head and other human remains found on beaches on Tuesday belong to a headless female corpse discovered several kilometers away, reports Fuji News Network (Oct. 2).

At around 10:30 a.m., a male surfer tipped off police about the discovery on a beach in the town of Kujukuri. Officers arriving at the scene found the head, of unknown gender and approximate age, on the sandy shore. The head had closely cropped gray hair.

About seven hours later, a fisherman reported the discovery of an ankle on a beach in the town of Shirako.

Police are now attempting to determine if the head and ankle belong to the torso of a woman found floating at the mouth of a river by a fisherman in Oamishirasato City on September 29.

The river mouth is located around 6 kilometers north of the beach in Kujukuri where the head was found. Meanwhile, the beach where the ankle was discovered is about 1.2 kilometers south, according to police.

A knife was used to sever the arms, legs and head of the woman, who is believed to be an adult aged in her 40s to 60s. Based on the state of decay of the body, she is believed to have died several days before the discovery, police said.

A head found was found on a beach in the town of Kujukuri on Tuesday
A head found was found on a beach in the town of Kujukuri on Tuesday (Twitter)

The body was unclothed, and no personal articles were found at the scene, police said.

Police are now seeking to identify the remains. The case is being treated as abandoning and destruction of a corpse.

Note: This story was updated to reflect the report of the discovery of the ankle.