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Chiba police: Corpse found in fire cistern missing left foot

CHIBA (TR) – A male corpse found in a fire cistern in Inzai City on Wednesday was missing its left foot, police have revealed, reports NHK (Oct. 29).

At just past 11:00 a.m., police working off a tip found the body, believed to be that of an adult male in his 40s to 60s, inside the cistern.

According to police, the left foot had been cut off. The location of the body part was not specified. As well, the neck of the body had been gashed.

Chiba police found a male corpse on a fire cistern in Inzai City on Wednesday (Twitter)

The day before, police received a report about “a man in trouble about a week ago.” They later commenced a search of the area, which is near Kobayashi Station on the JR Narita Line.

Police are now working to identify the body. The case is being treated as murder.