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Busted: Erika Sawajiri hid illegal drugs in bra

TOKYO (TR) – Following the arrest of Erika Sawajiri over the alleged possession of Ecstasy, police have learned that the popular actress hid illegal drugs in her clothing, reports Sports Nippon (Nov. 20).

On Sunday, police sent Sawajiri, 33, to prosecutors over the alleged possession of 0.09 grams of MDMA, which is also known as Ecstasy. At the time of her arrest on Saturday, she admitted to the allegations.

“For the past 10 years, I have used MDMA, cocaine, LSD and marijuana,” she later told police. According to TBS News (Nov. 19), she added, “Every time a celebrity was arrested [on drug-related charges], I thought about how dangerous it was [to use drugs] and I was careful.”

However, that doesn’t appear to have been the case.

Police have learned that Sawajiri concealed illegal drugs inside her bras. Further, a person who knows Sawajiri told TBS News (Nov. 20) that she used drugs in public.

“About cocaine, she used rolled currency as a straw to snort through her nose,” the person told TBS News.

Erika Sawajiri (Twitter)

Shibuya club

About one month before Sawajiri’s arrest, police used a tip to launch a special investigation centered on the organizers of a club in the Maruyamacho area of Shibuya Ward.

Last Friday, Sawajiri attended an event held at the same club. In footage provided by TBS News, the actress, attired in a muffler and glasses, is seen leaving her residence in Meguro Ward at around 9:00 p.m. that day.

At 8:43 a.m. the following morning, officers entered the residence and found two white capsules containing a powder inside an accessory case near the entrance.

An analysis of the contents of one of the capsules gave a positive result for MDMA, police said previously.

Police are now investigating how Sawajiri obtained the MDMA.