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Aichi cops raid 3 illegal casinos in Nagoya, arrest 17

AICHI (TR) – Aichi Prefectural Police last week arrested 17 persons in connection with the operation of three illegal casinos in Nagoya, reports the Kyodo News (Nov. 11).

Between the night of November 10 and the following morning, officers raided the three establishments for allegedly allowing customers to place wagers on baccarat and roulette via computer terminals connected to an internet site.

Police also arrested eight employees of the casinos, including Yoshihisa Yamada, the 39-year-old manager of Samurai, located in Naka Ward, and nine male and female customers, aged between 19 and 31.

Five of the employees, including Yamada, admit to the allegations. The other three suspects have either declined to comment or deny the charges, according to the Naka Police Station.

in Nagoya
Police raided three casinos operating illegally in Nagoya over the weekend (Twitter)

Additionally, police seized 40 personal computers and 7.2 million yen in cash.

In December of last year, police received an anonymous tip about illegal activity taking place at the casinos.