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Golden Week looks good for getting it on

Shukan Asahi Geino Apr. 30
Shukan Asahi Geino Apr. 30

“Let’s not mince words. More than ever, this is the era for visiting soapland bathhouses,” advises Shukan Asahi Geino (Apr. 30) in its lead-in. Why? Well first of all, because the female staff at such shops have been disciplined to observe the “customer comes first” rules drilled into salaried workers. And especially for middle-aged men, with all their aggravations great and small, this kind of treatment is really “indispensable.”

The good news is that during the upcoming Golden Week holiday period, which begins on April 25 for some and April 29 for others, a high-class Yoshiwara soapland has arranged for a budget “package” consisting of overnight hotel accommodations plus a 70-minute romp in the suds with a lovely soapstress, for a very affordable 30,000 yen, all-inclusive.

The name of the shop is Club Fifties, which is running the campaign jointly with its sister shop, Eikokuya.

Upon reserving, the shop will send a limousine to pick the customer up at nearby Ueno Station and then drive him to the designated hotel, where he checks in.

Shukan Asahi Geino’s reporter takes over at this point, and relates that upon being driven from the hotel to the soapland, he enters a private room on the third floor, where he encounters the charming Ms. Natsuki, age 25, who’s equipped not only with a fetching smile, but also proportions that would easily qualify her for an appearance in a Playboy centerfold.

After peeling his garments, she asks, “Namete mo ii desu ka?” (Is it all right for me to suck it?) and as he raises no objection whatsoever he’s rewarded with a soku-shaku, idiomatically translated as “blow-job on the spot.”

Soon she is hard at work whistling on his wand, generating slurping sounds onomatopoetically rendered in Japanese as chupa-chupa.

Their first coupling on the massage table ends all too soon, but she reassures him that there’s plenty of time remaining on the clock. After a relaxing intermission, their second engagement emerges as an eager exercise in erotic ecstasy that leaves him emotionally exhilarated and her panting with exhaustion.

On the reporter’s way out the door, the shop manager bows in thanks, and recommends he sample basashi (raw horse meat) and dojo (loach), foods known for their nutritious and restorative properties, at one of the nearby restaurants.

“Have a good rest tonight,” the smiling manager advises. “And if you feel like coming back for another go at it tomorrow, we’ll let you have an extra discount.”

Source: “Otoko ippiki TOKYO kanko da!” Shukan Asahi Geino (Apr. 30, page 188)