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Niigata police arrest Canadian teacher suspected in series of flashing incidents

Niigata Meikun Junior and Senior High School
Niigata Meikun Junior and Senior High School

NIIGATA (TR) – Niigata Prefectural Police on early Sunday morning arrested a Canadian male for exposing himself to two women in Niigata City’s Konan Ward. The suspect is believed to have also been involved in a series of similar incidents, reports the NHK (March 6).

At just 12:20 a.m., Steve Pankhurst, a 38-year-old English teacher at Niigata Meikun Junior and Senior High School, revealed the lower half of his body to the women, both of whom are in their 30s, near JR Kameda Station before fleeing the scene. The suspect was later apprehended by police near the station.

Pankhurst, who has been charged with public indecency, has reportedly denied the allegations. “(The accusation) is not factual,” the suspect is quoted by police.

Starting in the fall of last year, police began receiving a number of complaints about a foreigner exposing himself in the same area. Police are now investigating whether the suspect was involved in the other incidents.

Pankhurst began a one-year contract as an assistant language teacher with the school in April of last year.

“Details of the case are not yet known, but it is an unforgivable act given his position as an instructor for children,” said Niigata Meikun principal Yuko Otaki. “I want to confirm the facts of the case in order to prevent a re-occurrence.”


  1. Chaotic Thinker Chaotic Thinker March 17, 2015

    You have to be kidding me, Dude decides to falsh multiple women but what he decides to flash is nothing but hair? and he is charged with indecency?. If anything he’s a clown, I don’t think exhibitionist anywhere would accept something so halved ass like that. The fact that the dude is canadian is hilarious though.

  2. Bone White Bone White March 18, 2015

    O.K. kids today’s word is witch-hunt. Recently a “foreigner” has been spotted…
    Of all the oji-san and oba-san I’ve personaly witnessed relieving themselves on the street and this “clown” tries to impress a couple ladies (probably drunk/Canada) now his meal ticket is totally blown. However the police “charged” ,name included, with this heinous skullduggery so as to blacklist him permanently even if it wasn’t him as a trial could possibly conclude.

  3. Soredewa Hyperbole Soredewa Hyperbole March 19, 2015

    Both comments above make no sense.

    Bone White claims to have information that is not included in the article about the ladies being drunk and Canadian and concluding that the police want to “blacklist him permanently”. Why would police want to blacklist someone? They want to arrest criminals. A blacklist is a different kettle of fish.

    And Chaotic Thinker claims to know exactly what was flashed and how. The correct term is “half-assed”. What is the joke about being Canadian?

    Seriously, both of you are in desperate need of remedial writing and lifestyle therapy.

    Two Gaijin morons on the lam from debts and legal difficulties in their home countries.

  4. Erasmus Erasmus March 26, 2015

    Is he still in jail? It’s been what, 10 days now?

  5. Kansas Twister Kansas Twister April 3, 2015

    Deportation? Prison? Fine?

    How about a follow-up story, or is that too much to ask?

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