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Kanagawa cops: Cancer researcher dressed as woman to take illicit films

Masato Enari
Masato Enari has been accused of dressing as a women to trespass into a hotel and take illicit films (Fuji News Network)

KANAGAWA (TR) – A male cancer researcher has been arrested twice over a scheme in which he dressed in female clothing in order to trespass at a hotel in Yokohama to take illicit films of women, reports Sankei Sports (Apr. 14).

Between November 29 and December 3 of 2016, Masato Enari, the 48-year-old head of a unit of the National Cancer Center Research Institute, wore a wig, makeup and women’s clothing, including a skirt, in entering the hotel under the name of a woman.

On December 2, he allegedly trespassed into a women’s changing room to film a woman in her 20s with his smartphone, a violation of a prefectural anti-nuisance ordinance. He has also been accused of trespassing into the same room on November 29.

Enari admits to the charges, according to Fuji News Network reported (Apr. 14).

Enari has been arrested twice in the case. In March, police first arrested the researcher on suspicion of forging an official document after he submitted a fake driver’s license to the hotel using a woman’s name and picture.