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Toyama: Great Danes maul 11-month-old baby to death

TOYAMA (TR) – Two Great Dane dogs fatally mauled an 11-month-old baby boy at his residence in Toyama City on Friday, police said, reports Kyodo News (Mar. 21)

At around 5:35 p.m., the dogs — each weighing around 80 kilograms and measuring about 120 centimeters in length — attacked Jin Nakamura, in the yard of the residence, located in the Kamiokubo area.

Two hours later, the boy was confirmed dead at a hospital due to hemorrhagic shock resulting from loss of blood, the Toyama-Minami Police Station said.

Great Danes mauled an 11-month-old baby in Toyama City on Friday (Twitter)

According to police, the dogs are kept at the residence as pets behind a fence measuring 180 centimeters in height.

The incident happened as the boy’s grandfather, aged in his 50s, was carrying the boy and
a bowl of dog food into the yard. The grandfather suffered injuries to his legs when he tried to stop the dogs, police said.