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Pedestrian also dies after boy takes fatal leap from Umeda building

OSAKA (TR) – A 19-year-old girl has also died after a teenage boy struck her as he took a fatal plunge from a department store in Osaka City last week, police said, reports NHK (Oct. 25).

On the afternoon of October 24, Kako Furukawa, a university student living in Furukawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, was confirmed dead at a hospital.

At around 5:50 p.m. the day before, the boy, a 17-year-old high school student, leaped from the HEP Five department store, located near JR Osaka Station, onto the street below, striking Furukawa.

The boy was confirmed dead at a hospital about 40 minutes later. Meanwhile, Furukawa was unconscious upon being transported to a hospital, police said previously.

Kako Furukawa was confirmed dead on October 24 (Twitter)

On October 25, many persons arrived at the location of the incident to leave flowers and pay their respects to Furukawa.

On the 10th floor roof, police found the boy’s student identification card inside a bag, leading them to believe that he took his life by leaping from that floor.

He is believed to have accessed the roof by using an elevator for employees of the building, police said.