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Osaka University student held for trying to abduct girl

Osaka University
Osaka University (

OSAKA (TR) – A university student was arrested on suspicion of trying to abduct a high school girl who was biking home alone at night, police said on Monday.

Takahiro Miki, 23, an Osaka University student, was arrested by Osaka Prefectural Police on suspicion of bear-hugging a high school girl with intent to abduct her in Matsubara City, Osaka Prefecture, the Asahi Shimbun reports (May 30).

According to Matsubara Station police, Miki is suspected of asking a high school girl who was riding her bike home alone about directions to a station, before wrapping himself around her so he could force her into his car and abduct her.

Miki fled in his car after the victim screamed. Police said they were able to get a lead on the suspect based on information like the vehicle’s license plate.