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Osaka: Man accused of killing wife with 1-meter-long wooden sword

Osaka police have arrested
Osaka police have arrested a 50-year-old man in the alleged beating death of his wife with a wooden sword at their residence in Izumisano City (TBS News)

OSAKA (TR) – Osaka Prefectural Police have arrested a 50-year-old man for allegedly killing his wife with a wooden sword at the residence they shared in Izumisano City, reports TBS News (Aug. 18).

Between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, Kiyoshi Kobayashi is alleged to have repeatedly beaten his wife, 48-year-old Haruko, in the head, back and legs with a wooden sword with a 1-meter-long blade.

On Thursday morning, the suspect alerted emergency services, saying his wife had stopped breathing. Personnel arriving the residence found the woman with bruises throughout her body. She was confirmed dead at the scene.

Police found the wooden sword at the residence. Kobayashi was subsequently accused of murder, according to Fuji News Network (Aug. 18).

“When I got up, I reported [to emergency services] that my wife wasn’t breathing,” the suspect told police. “I struck her in the head and back with the wooden sword, but I didn’t think she would die.”