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Osaka ‘girl’s bar’ manager arrested for murder of customer

Kikumi Akimoto

TOKYO (TR) – Osaka Prefectural Police last week arrested the manager of a specialty hostess club for the murder of a customer in Kita Ward, reports the Sankei Shimbun (July 6).

According to police, the body of Yasuyuki Futaba, a 50-year-old employee of a real estate firm, was found by a garbage collector in a fifth-floor corridor of a multi-tenant building in the Doyamacho district on the afternoon of July 3.

A court-ordered autopsy revealed the cause of death to be a blow to the head that resulted in a subdural hematoma, or the accumulation of blood on the surface of the brain. The victim also experienced a number of broken ribs.

Officers on Saturday arrested Kikumi Akimoto, 30, the manager of Ring, a “girl’s bar” located in the same building, on murder charges.

A girl’s bar is a variation of a hostess club in which the club is legally registered as an after-hours, eating-and-drinking establishment so as to avoid more strict regulations under the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses.

According to TBS News (July 7), Akimoto and the victim had been a customer of the bar the night before. The pair reportedly argued over the bill that evening and on previous occasions.