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Osaka cops bust welder in theft of women’s underwear, seize 1,800 pairs

Toshiyuki Ikeda
Toshiyuki Ikeda
OSAKA (TR) – Osaka Prefectural Police last month arrested welder Toshiyuki Ikeda, 45, for allegedly stealing women’s underwear from a laundromat in Chuo Ward, reports Nikkan Sports (Aug. 25).

In the early morning hours of August 17, a woman observed the suspect going through the contents of the machines at the laundromat and notified law enforcement.

Ikeda has reportedly admitted to the allegations. “New items and those that are not washed are not for me,” the suspect is quoted by police. “It’s the smell of detergent that I like.”

The suspect said that he has stolen women’s underwear on 100 occasions since the fall of last year.

According to Nippon News Network (Aug. 26), following complaints from women who had their undergarments stolen, a security camera was installed in the laundromat to monitor the premises.

Footage from August 17 shows Ikeda inside the laundromat and searching through the clothing in the machines before being confronted by the woman.

A search of Ikeda’s residence by police revealed approximately 1,800 pairs of women’s underwear and other clothing.

Officers seized 1,800 pieces of women's clothing from the suspect's home
Officers seized 1,800 pieces of women’s clothing from the suspect’s home