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Osaka cops bust illicit parlor employing school girls

Yosuke Kosaka
Osaka police arrested Yosuke Kosaka, an employee at Naniwa Gakuen Osampobu, for allegedly violating the Child Welfare Law

OSAKA (TR) – Osaka Prefectural Police have busted a specialty parlor suspected of providing school girls for illicit acts with male customers, reports Mainichi Broadcasting System (June 7).

In January, Yusuke Shinkai, the 39-year-old former manager of Naniwa De Sampo, allegedly provided a school girl, 17, to escort a male customer, 56, to a hotel where she engaged in acts deemed obscene.

Shinkai, who has been charged with violating the Child Welfare Law, denies the allegations. “I did not know that she was engaged in prostitution,” the suspect was quoted, according to the Sankei Shimbun (June 6).

Between October of last year and March, the parlor collected 7 million yen from 200 customers.

Naniwa De Sampo is a business referred to by “JK,” or joshi kosei, meaning school girl. In recent years, such businesses have raised concerns that they are hotbed for child prostitution.

In May, the parlor’s name was changed to Naniwa Gakuen Osampobu rebranding in rebranding the business as a commercial sex, or fuzoku, business. That same month, police arrested former employees Yosuke Kosaka, 34, and 47-year-old Keizo Kanei. During the investigation, the involvement of Shinkai emerged.