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Osaka cops: Bus driver suspected of using stimulant drugs drove foreign tourists

Osaka police have arrested a bus driver for use of stimulant drugs
Osaka police have arrested a bus driver for Sanwa Kotsu for the use of stimulant drugs (Mainichi Broadcasting System)

OSAKA (TR) – Osaka Prefectural Police have arrested a male bus driver in Izumisano City for the use of stimulant drugs not long after he drove around foreign tourists, reports Mainichi Broadcasting System (Apr. 24).

Earlier this month, Hiroki Fujima, a 40-year-old driver for Sanwa Kotsu, tested positive for the use of kakuseizai, or stimulant drugs, after he was found incoherent at a hotel.

Fujima, a resident of Chiba Prefecture, has admitted to the charges, telling police he bought a gram of stimulant drugs in Tokyo while on a tour. “I used it twice a day and drove under the influence of drugs,” he said, according to Sankei Sports (Apr. 24).

The suspect drove some 25 foreign tourists from Narita International Airport in Chiba to sightseeing areas in Tokyo and Kyoto, and stayed at the hotel on April 12.

When Fujima didn’t emerge from his room the next morning at the appointed time, a hotel worker investigated and called police after finding him staggering and unable to articulate himself. Police later discovered a needle and an empty plastic bag from his bag. His urine tested positive for stimulant drugs.

“I was confident the drugs would help me concentrate and drive safely,” Fujima was quoted as telling police. “I used stimulant drugs and drove on over 50 occasions.”