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1.4-meter-long alligator gar captured at Nagoya Castle

Alligator gar
An alligator gar was pulled from the Outer Moat of Nagoya Castle on Wednesday (TV Asahi)

AICHI (TR) – Following several eyewitness reports, an alligator gar was captured by city officials at Nagoya Castle on Wednesday, reports TV Asahi (May 18).

Officials from the government of Nagoya pulled the alligator gar, measuring about 1.4 meters in length and weighing 30 kilograms, from the outer moat of the castle at about 5:30 p.m.

With sharp teeth and a long mouth, the non-native fish poses a threat to local animals. In 2009, one such fish was first observed in the moat of the castle. Officials believed two alligator gar were living in the waterway.

Last month, city officials received reports from the public about an alligator gar. A net was subsequently installed in the moat but neither of the fish was captured.

Earlier this week, more sightings of an alligator gar were received. Officials then dropped 20 fishing lines baited with mackerel into the water. After a strike on Wednesday afternoon, the fish was landed after a one-hour fight.