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Gomi goldmine: ¥11 million found in Toyota trash

AICHI (TR) – More than 11 million yen in cash has been found in the trash at a garbage disposal facility in Toyota City, reports NHK (Feb. 12).

On Tuesday afternoon, a staff member at the city-operated Green Clean Fujinooka found the banknotes while separating metal from oversized garbage delivered by a trash truck.

According to the city, the bills, with a value of 11.27 million yen, were in about 10 envelopes. The majority of them (1,118) were 10,000-yen notes, while 5,000-yen (15) and 1,000-yen (15) bills were also found.

The haul was mixed in the broken wood of a desk.

“After I saw a single 10,000-yen note, I found a whole envelope,” the employee who made the discovery said, according to Fuji News Network (Feb. 12). “Then I saw more wrapped bundles. I wondered if they were fakes.”

11 million in cash was found at a garbage disposal facility in Toyota City on Tuesday (Twitter)

“This is a first”

At least one bundle was wrapped in an obi strip dated 2007, a time that predates the adoption of such anti-counterfeiting technology as holograms. The 1,000 yen notes include the portrait of Natsume Soseki, whose likeness was removed from bills in 2007.

Green Clean Fujinooka handles residential garbage that includes metal components, including appliances and furniture. On Monday and Tuesday, it received about 100 loads from residences.

The city is planning to contact local police about the discovery. The owner will have three months to contact the police to claim the funds.

“In 20 years of doing this work, this is a first,” the employee added.