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Work no fun for companions at Japan’s hot-springs hotels

Nikkan Gendai Aug. 7
Nikkan Gendai Aug. 7
“The hotels have tied up with job brokers to add sexual services to the other attractions,” says Reiko (a pseudonym). The 26-year-old “companion” tells Nikkan Gendai (Aug. 7) that she’s been working in a rural hot springs resort for the past two years, where the “Sexy Banquet Course” is particularly popular.

For an outlay of 10,000 yen for 60 minutes of the lady’s time, a client is allowed to get in a few smooches and gropes, with the understanding that these are to be of limited intensity.

“But customers know that gropes though my outer clothes are just the hors d’ouvres,” Reiko reveals. “They quickly become emboldened, demanding access to my bare breasts and slipping their fingers inside my panties. One guy in his 50s even brought along an electric massager, which he shoved beneath my skirt. I resisted, but the other men at the party raised their voices in encouragement and egged him on.”

On occasions when the customers get carried away, Reiko has the option of complaining to the hotel, but times are hard and the hotels don’t want to rise alienating their clientele. This lack of restraint only serves to further encourage the customers, who have been known to exclaim, “Why won’t you let me stick in my fingers!?”

Some companions, however, are such in name only, and willing to go much further for the right consideration. The system typically calls for two women to accompany three men to their room, for drinking and other fun. Having two girls visit together is a precaution against outright rape.

Hitomi, age 29, works as a companion at a hot springs town in the Hokuriku Region. She was formerly employed as an erotic masseuse in Tokyo. In order to supplement her income, for an extra fee she willingly dispenses hand-jobs.

“I charge 3,000 per customer, and usually get them off within 10 minutes,” she says. “Before the charge was 5,000 yen, but I had to drop my prices when the economy went on the skids.

“When I’m feeling up to it I’ll go all the way with one for 10,000 yen a pop. What makes the work harder is that customers at onsen resorts tend to get a bit unrestrained,” Hitomi complains. “In many cases they’ll smack my bottom or otherwise hurt me. These days many of them feel a need to let off steam, but they tend to go overboard.” (K.S.)

Source: “Denma jisan de onsen konpanion wo semeru kyaku,” Nikkan Gendai (Aug. 7, page 22)