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Tokyo cops corral prolific pervert

Friday April 24
Friday April 24
Earlier this month, Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested Takeshi Kagabu for allegedly hiring three girls, at the time aged between 13 and 15, for a sexual rendezvous at a love hotel in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture in March of 2013. He paid each prostitute 20,000 yen.

According to Friday (April 24), the suspect was a highly prolific pervert.

“Because of his extreme fondness for young girls, he was known as ‘Takeshi the lolicon,'” an acquaintance tells the magazine in referring to a male with a keen interest in much younger females. “On Facebook, he became like a stalker toward one girl he went to school with. When I heard he got arrested, I thought, ‘Hooray, finally.'”

Kagabu, who has been charged with violating child pornography and prostitution laws, denies the allegations. “I thought they were adults,” the suspect was quoted by police.

However, an investigator contradicts that claim. At the time of the incident, the three girls were attending the same middle school. Kagabu became acquainted with one of the students through the deai-kei matchmaking application Hima Tokua.

“He picked them up in his car at the agreed upon meeting place and drove them to the hotel,” says the investigator. “After hearing each of their ages inside the car, he said, ‘Wow, so young.'”

The matter came to light during investigation into another incident. In November of last year, officers from Tokyo’s Tokaido Police Station investigated Kagabu for brokering an enjo kosai (or compensated dating) engagement with another young girl.

As to the original trio, the ring leader continued picking up customers for herself through Hima Tokua. According to the investigator, the girl’s account was subsequently breached, and her conversation history revealed.

“With Kagabu, she only met him once for prostitution,” the investigator says, referring to the foursome. “However, he did rendezvous with her again for dinner sometime thereafter.”

Takeshi Kagabu
Takeshi Kagabu
Kagabu, who was living in Tokyo’s Adachi Ward at the time of his arrest, is a native of Chiba’s Matsudo City. The aforementioned acquaintance tells Friday that he runs with a bad crowd, which includes heading a bososoku motorcycle gang.

“He committed purse-snatching robberies via motorcycle,” says the source. “Then there were times when he would pick up gals and calmly assault them inside his car.”

When he was around 19 years old, he was placed in a reform school for defrauding a girl in a forged-card scam.

“After he got out, he responded to questions about what he had learned during that time by saying, basically, nothing at all.”

A different acquaintance says that Kagabu later joined a fraud ring within an organized crime gang based in Kyushu. Due to immense his success, he wound up spending lavishly — somewhere over 100,000 yen — at kyabakura hostess clubs in the evenings.

“Since he liked deri heru girls, he was placing orders seemingly every day,” says the source in referring to call girls, “and went around in a Volkswagen.”

After he was arrested on fraud charges in 2008 — in which, according to Nikkan Gendai, he defrauded roughly 300 people out of 30 million yen — he seemed to have started down a path toward legitimacy.

“He got more serious as far as work,” says the aforementioned source. “He also switched to a Prius.”

But his penchant for young girls, apparently, remained the same. (K.N.)

Source: “Joshi chugakusei 3-nin to 4P shita kaishain 2-nen-go ni taiho no tohoho,” Friday (April 24, pages 80-81)