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New revelations about woman accused of drugging, robbing Tokyo men

Friday Aug. 1
Friday Aug. 1
For the past three months, Tokyo Metropolitan Police have sought assistance from the public as to the whereabouts of a woman believed to be responsible for the drugging and robbing of multiple men in the metropolis over the last two years.

Earlier this month, Tokyo police got their “man,” reports Friday (Aug. 1). On July 7, officers arrested 30-year-old Ikki Jin, who introduced herself to her victims as “voice actress Aiko.”

Officers accused the 30-year-old resident of Suginami Ward of slipping a sleeping powder into an alcoholic drink consumed by a 23-year-old male and robbing him of a total of 350,000 yen in cash and valuables after meeting him near JR Okubo Station early on February 27.

Using similar methods, Jin is believed to have swindled a 32-year-old man employed in the real estate industry on December 14. Four months later, police released footage from a security camera of the woman as she shopped with the victim inside a convenience store.

Other male victims residing in a number of different parts of the city subsequently came forward, with each claiming to have been conned by a woman who said she was a voice actress named “Aiko.”

According to Friday, Jin suffers from a gender identity disorder: She has lived the life of a man since she came to Tokyo in 2007. She eventually had an operation to reduce the size of her breasts.

In the article, the magazine includes a screen grab from the opening scene of the independently produced movie “Daibiki” (Cash On Delivery), in which the suspect can be seen topless and sprawled face-up over a heavy-set man lying atop a bed inside a room filled garbage.

“When I saw the (convenience store) footage of ‘voice actress Aiko,’ I knew it was Jin,” says Gii Fujita, the 63-year-old director of “Daibiki.”

In the footage released by police, the suspect can been seen wearing brown boots and a leopard print hat.

“The last time we met was a year ago,” says Fujita. “She said she was receiving welfare. Of course, at that time she was dressed like a man, which was totally different from that of Aiko.”

The first time the director met the suspect was at a sauna in Tokyo’s Roppongi entertainment district in 2008.

“When I entered the bath, there was a naked customer arguing with a staff member near the entrance,” says the director. “That customer was Jin. At that time, she hadn’t changed her body to that of a male. That’s why they were arguing; the staff member wanted her to go into the women’s sauna. ‘I’m a man!’ she screamed. I thought she was interesting so we started talking.”

'Voice actress Aiko' in Meguro
‘Voice actress Aiko’ in Meguro
After that, the two became closer. Fujita was broke: He made an appearance on the “Zenigata Kintaro” variety program, which features comedians meeting poor people.

“One day, I told Jin that I had no place to live,” says Fujita. “She said, ‘Well, why don’t you come to my place?’ I am 30 years older than her, but she took care of me very well. For me, she is like an elder brother.”

In April 2009, Fujita came to Jin’s apartment, a small space in Koenji with a monthly 40,000 yen. Jin paid the bills by working as a man at a host club in the Kabukicho entertainment district and selling items on Internet auction sites.

“I lived with her for six months,” says Fujita. “She usually wore t-shirts and referred to herself as ‘ore'” — a term used by men — “but her body was that of a woman. Her face was beautiful. She wanted to be an actor, and longed to enter the entertainment biz, but her wish was to debut as a man.”

According to Friday, Jin had her breasts reduced at a hospital in Ikebukuro. In 2012, she began working at a Tokyo business which rents rooms by the hour through a reference provided by Fujita.

It was here that “Daibiki” was shot. In the 15-minute film, Jin stars with an ex-pro wrestler, the portly man seen in the opening, and frantically attempts to collect enough money to pay a delivery man. It was submitted for consideration to a film contest, but was rejected.

Police believe Jin, who was taken into custody after being identified while collecting a payment at a Suginami Ward welfare office, had carried out multiple robberies on over 10 male victims since June of 2012.

A search of the her residence revealed no items believed to have been used in the crimes. Police have also been unable to find sleeping powder in her possession. However, a DNA analysis of material left behind at the scene of the crime in February proved to be a consistent with that of Jin.

“Jin can read others minds,” says Fujita. “I am very sad that she used her ability for criminal means.” (A.T.)

Source: “Eizo wo nyushu kokai seiyu no Aiko,” Friday (Aug. 1, pages 24-25)